Give To The Library

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Donors and benefactors have always played a very significant part in the development of the University Libraries.

The University of Adelaide Library adds value to University teaching and research through the provision of access to much-needed resources as well as safe and welcoming spaces. The library greatly appreciates and welcomes gifts that will enhance the library's collection and assist us with meeting the needs of the University community. 

Each year the Barr Smith Library Appeal raises valuable funds to support the important work done by the library.

Donate to the Barr Smith Library Appeal 

Financial donations

Your financial donation will help us digitise and conserve unique and important items from our collections. It can also help us build new state-of-art facilities to meet the needs of students or provide additional resources to support the development of new courses. Your support for the library will benefit both current and future scholars. Donate today or learn about the different ways that you can give to the University Library.

Donating books and print items

The library accepts donations of rare and obscure books and other items in a range of formats that meet the library's Collection Policy. Significant collections of suitable material are welcome and the library is happy to discuss appropriate recognition of these donations (such as custom bookplates).

Rare and valuable items notwithstanding, the library does not usually accept donations of items that are outside of the collection policy, are already held in the collection, are textbooks or reference works, or are in poor condition.

Donation of Materials Form

Please note that donated items become the property of the University Library. Items will be integrated into the existing collections and will be subject to the library's collection management processes, which may include disposal should the item no longer fall within the library's collection policy. 

For more information please contact the Acquisitions team by email.

Cultural Gifts Program

The Cultural Gifts Program enables donors to receive a tax deduction for the market value of rare books and other collectible items donated to the University Library. Potential donors are invited to contact the University Librarian to discuss any proposed donation or offer of material under the Cultural Gifts Program.