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Google Scholar Access

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You must customise your Google Scholar settings in order to access full text resources. Use Google Scholar to focus specifically on scholarly material including academic books, journal articles, theses and conference papers.


Remember to always access Google Scholar via the Databases A-Z menu on the homepage. This will ensure that the Full Text @ Uni Adelaide links will appear next to your search results when a document is available at the University of Adelaide Library.

Searching Google Scholar off campus?

If you are off campus you need to login to ADAPT to link through to the full-text of journal articles.

If you are off campus and not using ADAPT, you won’t be able to access the full-text of many of the articles from within Google Scholar (you’ll get a message saying that the article is not available – or they’ll ask you to login or pay to access it). You will need to go to Library Search and search for the article in order to access the full-text.

Full Text @ Uni Adelaide links still not appearing? Simply set up your Google Scholar preferences as follows:

  1. Go to Google Scholar.
  2. Click on Settings (either from the top of the Scholar home page, or from the drop-down on the right hand side of the results page).
  3. Choose Library Links.
  4. Type ‘University of Adelaide’ into the search box, and tick the boxes as follows

  5. Click Save

Now whenever you search Google Scholar, you should see Full Text @ Adelaide links next to article citations (as long as those articles are available via a University of Adelaide Library subscription).

*Note that not all articles found through Google Scholar will be available at University of Adelaide Library. For more comprehensive coverage of library resources you should use Library Search.