Educational Statutory Licences

The University has statutory licences which allow us to copy and communicate certain material because of our status as an “educational institution”.

In order to rely on the licence the University has remuneration agreements with the declared collecting societies and we are required to pay an annual licence fee.

This licence may be relied on for teaching purposes provided the following conditions are met:

  • the copying or communication is undertaken for students of the University of Adelaide.
  • the students are enrolled in an award based course (that is, these licences do not cover developmental courses or courses delivered on a consultancy basis).
  • the material copied or communicated is for educational purposes (includes making available in the library for reference).
  • the copying is within the limits (set out in more detail below).
  • the copies must not be sold for a profit (but cost-recovery is allowed).
  • Audio-visual material from broadcasts

    The University is allowed to copy and communicate radio and television broadcasts. This includes free-to-air, pay-tv, cable broadcasts, as well as podcasts and webcasts as long as they were originally delivered as broadcasts.

    It is important to note that it does not apply to purchased or hired videos/CDs/DVDs, or podcasts and webcasts that were created exclusively for the internet. However in most circumstances these can still be played in class.

    Broadcasts may be recorded in full or in part, and the recording can be in any format. You may play the recording in class, include it in the lecture recording, or make it available online. However, you must comply with the following:

    1. If you make a copy available online this must be done via Course Readings.
    2. A warning notice must be included. This notice is automatically included at the start of Echo360 lecture recordings.
    3. Label each copy with the following information:

      Made for the University of Adelaide under s113P of the Copyright Act 1968
      Name of Program:
      Date/Time program was transmitted:
      Date this copy was made (if different):

      For physical copies this information can be included directly on the copy or container while for electronic copies this information can be recorded in the file properties.

    Copies of radio or TV broadcasts made at home for private use must not be used for University purposes unless they comply with the above.

  • Print and graphic material