Warning Notices

The Copyright Act imposes strict obligations on universities to bring copyright obligations to the attention of staff and students. The following notices must be clearly displayed:

Notice to be displayed at equipment capable of copying works or audio-visual material

This notice should be displayed within viewing distance of any machine capable of copying text, images, audio or audio-visual material (e.g. photocopier, scanner, computer, VCR, DVD recorder, fax machine, microfiche copier, sound recording equipment) which is accessible by students or non-staff members.

Notice to be displayed when communicating material under the educational statutory licence

This notice must be used when electronically communicating copies of broadcasts, print and graphic material made under the educational statutory licence:

This material has been copied and communicated under the Statutory Licence pursuant to s113P of the Copyright Act 1968 for the educational purposes of the University of Adelaide. Any further copying or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection.

The notice is automatically included at the beginning of Echo360 lecture recordings and for copies of book chapters and journal articles which are made available online to students via Course Readings.

If you have images copied under the educational statutory licensed material in your MyUni course, e.g. in lecture slides or interactives, then it is recommended that you add a “Copyright Warning” page to the course information module and copy and paste the above warning text into it. Alternatively, you will need to attach a warning notice to each asset as required.