Measure the Impact of Your Data

Do you think Altmetrics can only track the impact of your research papers? Think again. If your dataset has a DOI, its impact can be tracked. And ORCiD can ensure you are acknowledged.

Altmetrics are a good starting point for measuring the impact of your research data. If you publish your data in Figshare you can mint a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Then, using the DOI of your dataset, you can use Altmetric Explorer to track citations and mentions in a range of media channels and social media. 

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ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a persistent digital identifier which distinguishes every researcher from every other. This enables recognition of a particular researcher’s contributions to the literature, and is particularly important in cases of non-unique names, name changes, cultural differences in name order, and inconsistent abbreviations of names. Use ORCiD to ensure your research outputs are linked unambiguously to you.

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