Publish Your Research Data

The University of Adelaide encourages researchers to make research data available for re-use whenever possible.

The Research Data and Primary Materials Policy sets out the University's requirements.

Figshare is the University of Adelaide's official data and digital object repository with unlimited local storage. It is available to all current staff and HDR students to upload research data and digital objects.

Find out more about Figshare

If it is the norm in your research discipline to publish data in a discipline-specific repository, you can still discharge your policy obligations by creating a description of the data in Figshare, with a link to where the dataset is available.

Before you publish your data, check if you have the right to do so. There might be confidentiality issues or contractual obligations you need to consider.

The FAIR Data Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) provide excellent guidance in the preparation of research data for publication.


Make sure your data can be found easily by machines and humans. By assigning a persistent identifier like a DOI or a Handle to a dataset, it will be easier for others to find and cite. Publish your data in repositories well known in your discipline to make it more findable.


If possible, make the data openly accessible. If offering the dataset open access is not an option for any reason, provide metadata and clarity about the access options. The access to your data should be as open as possible and as restricted as necessary.


Ensure your data and metadata follow the standards accepted in your discipline. This includes formats, file types and the vocabulary you use.


Data meant for re-use should maintain its initial richness, i.e. not adjusted to the purpose on a particular research question. Assign a clear licence, preferably a machine-readable Creative Commons Licence. Include information about how the data was collected.