Indigenous Literacy Day: Storytelling in the Yaitya Ngutupira collection – 4 September

Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD) is a national celebration of Indigenous culture, stories, language and literacy. In recognition of both ILD and the International Year of Indigenous Languages, the library has partnered with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to host a storytelling event in the Yaitya Ngutupira Collection area to be read for the Adelaide Campus Childcare Centre children.

All are invited to join us for a storytelling session and help raise awareness of the Yaitya Ngutupira Collection, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Indigenous Literacy Day and the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages!

Our storyteller is Kira Bain, the Cultural Services Officer & Kaurna Language Instructor at Tauondi Aboriginal College. Kira will be reading "Ngana ngai = Who am I?" by Susan Hallityanungku, Susan Hall which has been translated into the Kaurna language by the Kaurna Warra Karrpanthi Committee.

We will also screen two short videos Moli det bigibigi = Molly the pig by Karen Manbulloo which is a Kriol story from the Binjari Buk mob from Katherine, NT and No Way Yirrikipayi a story from the children of Milikaipti School and Alison Lester from the Tiwi community on Melville Island located 120kms north of Darwin, NT.

To support the fundraising of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, the library has purchased the print version of Moli det bigibigi = Molly the pig by Karen Manbulloo, and Wamparla apia (Possums and tall trees)  an Arabana story by Thanthi Syd Strangways .

The proceeds from these purchases will go directly to the foundation in support of their organization, and all three books, including "Ngana ngai = Who am I?", will go into the Yaitya Ngutupira Indigenous knowledge collection.

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For more information, please contact Renee Johnson, Indigenous Support Librarian.

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