A new look for Trove

The University of Adelaide is proud to be part of Trove. Our collections contribute to a network of libraries, archives, universities, museums, and galleries that make Australia’s history freely discoverable.

Created by the National Library of Australia, in consultation with Trove Partners and over 3,000 Australians, the new-look Trove is accessible and user-friendly, featuring a modern and intuitive design that makes it easier to explore, find and share stories about Australia. New measures have also been taken to improve the cultural safety of Trove for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

‘The collective power and importance of Australia’s cultural organisations is showcased in Trove,’ said Dr Marie-Louise Ayres, Director-General of the National Library of Australia. ‘It represents a unique partnership spanning across Australia. From local libraries to state galleries, each partner – including the University of Adelaide – contributes a unique set of stories and pieces of national history that make Trove wonderful and unique.’

About Trove 

Trove is Australia’s online culture and research portal. Bringing together content from the National Library of Australia, State and Territory libraries, and hundreds of other libraries, cultural and research institutions around Australia, it provides a single point of entry to a treasure trove of national voices and stories.

Offering free access to approximately 6.5 billion records from Australia’s recent and distant past, Trove welcomes over 68,000 users from across the nation and around the world each day. For example, Trove includes 1,514 digitised newspaper titles Trove includes digital copies of Banjo Paterson’s original manuscript of Waltzing Matilda, an architect's model of the Sydney Opera House, the voice of Lionel Rose, radio stories from the ABC chronicling the first mentions of that marvellous new invention wi-fi, and former prime minister John Howard’s wood-panelled 1998 website.

Trove is a useful resource for anyone with a hobby, passion, or research project; and is also a valuable source of information for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) and Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

The new chapter of Trove makes the preservation, exploration and discovery of Australia’s history, news, and culture even easier to explore.

Dive into Trove today!

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