Winner of the 2021 Hugh Martin Weir Prize

Winner of the 2021 Hugh Martin Weir Prize

The Barr Smith Library and Weir family are pleased to announce Jade Ryles as the successful applicant for the 2021 Hugh Martin Weir Prize.

The purpose of the Prize is to encourage study and research, including use of the Barr Smith Library collections, into any aspect of Australia's involvement in war, or the treatment of prisoners of war in any conflict, including the impact on those persons involved, their families, and/or their communities.

Jade is currently undertaking a Master in Philosophy in the School of Humanities.

Her dissertation researches how World War II altered the relationship between Australian children and their families.

The Second World War disrupted the lives of all Australian families, with fathers being sent away to war, mothers being sent to work, and many children left feeling unsure of their place and relationships within their family. This project aims to explore to what extent World War II disrupted the family life and relationships of Australian children aged between 5 to 13 years old.  It will demonstrate that the war had a lasting impact not only on a child’s place within their family, but also on their relationships with their mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents.

The prize will be mainly put towards research travel to Canberra to visit the National Library of Australia and the Australian War Memorial.

Congratulations to Jade!


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