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The library holds and provides access to copies of University of Adelaide PhD or Masters theses.

All theses available via the Library can be found using Library Search (and there are some handy tips for finding theses on the theses subject guide). 

The library also holds some copies of Honours theses. However, if the Honours thesis you are looking for is not held in the library the best option is to check with the relevant University school or faculty. 

The library is currently conducting a project to digitise and make theses available online. In addition to providing open access, it also aids the long term preservation and accessibility of these valuable resources. Only some Masters by Coursework theses are held electronically by the library. 

Thesis preparation & lodgement

For information on thesis preparation & lodgement please visit the Research Student Handbook on the Adelaide Graduate Centre website.

Masters by Coursework theses

Masters by Coursework theses are accepted by the Library, but only if endorsed by the Head of School as making a significant contribution to knowledge. Please contact Ask Library for more information.

Thesis embargos

In some cases, access to a thesis may need to be restricted for a period of time (through the granting of an embargo). More information on embargos, and how to have an embargo applied, please visit the Research Student Handbook.

Impact of depositing theses in the Library on publishing research commercially

Some publishers (notably book publishers) may regard inclusion of a thesis by the library on Adelaide Research & Scholarship as a "prior publication" and consequently may not wish to publish the work themselves.  Some major journal publishers accept electronic publication of theses and are happy to publish articles based on these theses.  If you have a relevant pre-existing contract with a publisher (or some other third party who funded, or collaborated with your research) in regard to your thesis, you are advised to seek further advice on this matter from the publishers concerned.

If the form of the thesis is a collection of published papers, it is possible that copyright permission may have been transferred to the publisher(s) and explicit permission will be required to include the papers in the digital thesis on Adelaide Research & Scholarship.

Authors do not require permission from the Library to publish elsewhere.