Visualise Your Thesis


The Visualise Your Thesis competition celebrates research conducted by graduate research students around the world.

2019 is the University of Adelaide's first year participating in the competition and submissions are now being accepted!

Developed by The University of Melbourne, graduate researchers are challenged to present their research in a 60 second, eye-catching digital display.

Submissions are judged on their visual impact and how well the content presents the research. Presenting in a digital format allows for different levels of creativity, multi-media, interactivity and interpretation, and is suitable for all disciplines. Training and support is now available online, with an online training course now accessible via MyUni, and one-on-one training sessions available.

The winner of the University of Adelaide Visualise Your Thesis competition will receive a prize of $1000 and go on to compete in the International online showcase hosted by The University of Melbourne in the later part of 2019.

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  • Key dates

    1 July: Competition opens to accept submissions

    1 - 28 July: Online support material available for self-directed learning

    15 - 26 July: Meet one-on-one with an expert

    28 July: Last day for competition submissions (closes at 11:59 pm)

    End August: University of Adelaide winners announced (date TBC)

    September: University of Adelaide winning entry to compete in online International competition

  • Prizes

    1st prize: $1000

    2nd prize: $500

    3rd prize: $250

    People's choice: $250

    The winner must agree to their entry being displayed on the University of Melbourne’s Visualise Your Thesis website and in the University of Adelaide's online media.

  • Eligibility

    This competition is open to currently-enrolled graduate researchers (students enrolled in M.Phil., Masters by Research, Ph.D., or Professional Doctorate programmes) at any stage of their candidature who are active and attending.

    Not eligible to enter the competition:

    • Honours students
    • Masters by coursework students (even if their program has a research/thesis component)
    • Graduate researchers on a leave of absence (inactive and not attending)
    • Lapsed candidates
  • Training and support

    Let us help you! Don’t worry if you’re not digitally savvy, and certainly don’t let it put you off entering. The University is committed to building your digital communication skills (very handy when trying to communicate complex research), and we will provide you with all the assistance you need to create your submission. 

    Online training course

    This course is now available online! You can self-enrol below:

    online training course

    The Learning Enhancement & Innovations team have partnered with the library to develop your digital capability and together we can provide online support in:  

    • Translating your abstract – describing your research to a non-specialist audience, adapting the idea into a story 

    • Storyboarding your idea – breaking down the story, using supporting materials and media, choosing the technology, review 

    • Bringing the idea to life – refining the tools and methods, reviewing your final product 

    • Refining and submission – adding title screens and attribution, checking technical requirements 

    • Copyright advice – ensuring your submission meets all of the copyright requirements. The University of Melbourne have provided Copyright videos containing information on how to keep your submission copyright compliant.


    Meet with an expert one-on-one sessions

    Between July 15th and 26th the Learning Enhancement & Innovation will be on hand to provide one-on-one support to entrants. You can book a session with a team member using Calendly. The sessions will run for 1 hour in The Cog which is located on Level 7 of Kenneth Wills building, North Terrace. 


    Session 1: Translating & storyboarding

    This session is intended for you to bring your storyboard in along with any questions you may have about your work. 

    What you need to bring:

    ·         Your translated abstract and any work you have done towards a storyboard

    Book a time here!


    Session 2: Designing & refining 

    This session is intended for you to bring your work in progress along with any design or technology related questions you have. 

    What you need to bring:

    ·         Your completed storyboard along with any graphics, design ideas, references or work you've completed towards your final presentation

    Book a time here!


    Session 3: Copyright support

    This session is intended for you to liaise with the University copyright officer about any concerns you may have with your submission.

    What you need to bring:

    ·         Any questions or concerns you may have about copyright, creative commons or using works in your presentation

    Book a time here!


    Top tips to get you started

    • Keep it simple 

    • Focus on your story, not the technology 

    • Leverage the capability of your chosen technology (and your existing skills) 

    • Be clear with your intention

  • Participant kit and information

    Please email Visual Thesis for further information.

  • Terms and conditions

    All entrants should ensure that they're familiar with the Terms and Conditions of this competition before submission.

  • 2018 showcase

    See the Visualise your Thesis 2018 Showcase from the University of Melbourne for examples of winning entries from the 2018 competition.

  • Contact us

    If you have any questions regarding the competition, please email the library at Visual Thesis for further information.