Visualise Your Thesis 2021 Submissions Showcase

First place - Self-sufficiency through Urban Agriculture by Isobel Hume

Second place - Gene presence and absence in Cannabis by Chelsea Matthews

Third place - Pitfall traps and carnivore dens: comparing the palaeontology and taphonomy by Nerita Turner

People's Choice Award winner - Help that banana peel rot in the right place - the Green bin! by Trang Thi Thu Nguyen

Give your workhorse a quality data: Analysis of the World Bank's Trading Across Border Indicators by Alfinura Sharafeyeva

Construction of Mental Health on Social Media Platforms by Anne Nattembo

Enhancing Oyster Reef Restoration with Soundscape Ecology by Brittany Ruth Williams

Combining natural fish markers to investigate population structure and connectivity by Koster Sarakinis

Marine Debris and The Environment by Nikita Pring

Decoding the genetic basis of Intellectual Disability by Rudrarup Bhattacharjee