Visualise Your Thesis 2019 submissions showcase

First prize winner
Child labour matters: overlooked adolescent mental health effects of child labour by Danusha Jayawardana

Second prize winner
Grief in paediatric health professionals by Shannon Barnes

Third prize and People's Choice award winner
Meat the future by Livia Garcez de Oliveira Padilha

Adoption of improved practices to enhance the competitiveness of Indonesian smallholder dairy farmer by Rida Akzar

The investigation of cathodic materials for high capacity and long cycle life li-oxygen batteries by Qi Bi

The role of intestinal TLR4 on chemotherapy toxicity, immunity and tumour growth by Elise Ellen Bruning

Inferring social network structure from information cascades by Caitlin Gray

The power of being broken: small RNAs on the rise in regulating Plant Development by Pei Qin Ng

Digital adoption: the need for truly inclusive e-Government services by Samantha Papavasiliou

The role of microbiome in chemotherapy-induced gastrointestinal toxicity by Kate Secombe

Misinformation and post-truth in the Australian asylum seeker and refugee discussion by Natasha van Antwerpen

Neural regulation of food intake in the stomach by Yoko Wang