Visualise Your Thesis 2020 Submissions Showcase

First prize! The world is caving in: parental trauma after intensive care by Shannon Barnes

Second prize! From plastic to plate? by Nina Wootton

Third prize! Will octopuses adapt to climate change? by Qiaz Hua

People's Choice Award winner! The war on obesity by Yoko Wang

Role of gut microbiota in radiotherapy response and severity of radiotherapy-induced oral mucositis by Ghanyah Al-Qadami

Studying the genetic basis of neuronal disease by Rudrarup Bhattacharjee

Developing a dried milk spot method to determine the changes to breast milk during storage, handling, and administration by Chang Gao

Let's starve prostate cancer! by Chui Yan Mah

Movies in University teaching by Ngoc Nhu Nguyen (Ruby)

P.E.T.'s journey through the mangroves by Nikita Pring

Digging up deep time by Priya

Cumulative impact assessment methods in marine ecosystems by Jackson Stockbridge

Jarosite: dissolution kinetics and passivation strategies by Austin Trueman

Transition metal-based electrocatalysts for highly selective CO2 reduction by Chaochen Xu

Super graphene bio-sponge for clean water by Pei Lay Yap