Future Making & Technology

For over 140 years the University of Adelaide has been central to the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Future Making

The University’s strategic plan, Future Making, recognises the changes confronting our society, including the disruption of existing industries and employment by technology. It also looks to what is needed to forge forward as a 21st century university, and identifies five pillars to excellence:

  • Connected to the global world of ideas
  • A magnet for talent
  • Research that shapes the future
  • A 21st century education for a growing community of learners
  • The beating heart of Adelaide

Woven together, the pillars comprise a rich tapestry that aligns global connectivity, research, scholarship and human potential with the social, intellectual and economic needs of young people, South Australia and Australia.

"Knowledge, and the application of knowledge, will be impacted by technological change and social context." Future Making

Future Making calls out technology, alongside sustainability and society, as essential areas of expertise that we must harness to achieve our vision and mission. Technology is critical in connecting our University to the global world of ideas. It supports the University as a magnet for talent: a destination of choice for those seeking to work or study in an environment where they are supported, productive, focused and energised.

Digital Future, our technology strategy, is our plan to ensure that our University has the technology solutions it needs for the journey ahead. To support our University’s five pillars to excellence, and in line with our Industry Engagement Priorities, we have identified eight key technology enablers. These cover the breadth of contemporary technology, including digital experience and enablement, the ‘smart campus’, learning and teaching, research technology, relationship management and community engagement, data, analytics and insight, and core technology foundations such as cyber security and the core IT infrastructure.

Our strategy not only captures the current needs of our University community, but also positions us to meet the challenges, opportunities and growth to come. An exciting future is ahead, in which complex intellectual ecosystems thrive across our campuses, our state and beyond: a world of knowledge and ideas, connectedness and collaboration – supported and enhanced by information and technology.

Technology to underpin Future Making

Table: The 8 Enablers in the Technology Strategy support the 5 'Pillars to Excellence' in the University's strategic plan, Future Making