Securing Remote Access

Virtual Private Network (VPN) GlobalProtect and ADAPT (Any Device Any Place and any Time, also known as Citrix Receiver) with multi-factor authentication are the only approved methods for University staff, students and visitors to obtain remote access into the University network. All other remote access applications allow a "back door" to our systems, potentially compromising our cyber security protocols.

We’re keeping your data and systems safe

As part of our ongoing commitment to increase cyber security across the University, access to other remote access applications connecting to the University network has now been blocked. This affects applications including AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop, ScreenConnect and Team Viewer.

To access the University network remotely, please ensure you have Global Protect and/or ADAPT on your devices. Further information and self-help guides are available here: GlobalProtect VPN and ADAPT.

Exception requests

In a large, complex environment like our University, some exceptions may be required to ensure ongoing support of research activities.

Going forward, if you require specialist remote access, you will need to submit an IT Security Policy exception request via the MyIT portal. The form is available under the Cyber Security category.

Exceptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the ITDS Cyber Security team and approved by a senior member of your department.

If an exception is granted and no longer required, please contact Service Desk on


If you need any help, please contact the ITDS Service Desk on +61 8313 3000 or

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