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Digital Marketing and Insights Enablement Project

The Digital Marketing and Insights Enablement program is implementing and activating marketing technology to achieve an improved digital experience for staff and students across key platforms, including high value websites, leveraging the investment made in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).This will ensure a seamless, personalised and consistent experience for users, making it easy for them to enrol with us which in turn, supports revenue grown for the University of Adelaide.

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Audio Visual Room Controller

Audio Visual (AV) room controllers in many high utilisation common teaching areas across the University’s three Adelaide campuses (North Terrace, Waite, and Roseworthy) have reached ‘end of life’. This means the chances the equipment will fail increases. The University will take the opportunity over the summer break to install the new interfaces, to minimise the impacts on teaching activities.  

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Kofax Outage

The University of Adelaide’s payables system, Kofax, has been successfully upgraded and is now available.

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Google replacing current version of Analytics

Google is replacing the current version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) on 1 July 2023 with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). If you have a locally held licence for Google Analytics, you will need to export any data, reports or reporting criteria before that date or they will be lost. 

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MyAdelaide release 5 –  September 2022

Read more about the new features in the latest release of MyAdelaide.

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MyAdelaide on your smartphone

Students can now add MyAdelaide to the home screen of their smartphone, making it easier to access. Find more information. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please e-mail the MyAdelaide team with any feedback.

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Securing Remote Access

Virtual Private Network (VPN) GlobalProtect and ADAPT (Any Device Any Place and any Time, also known as Citrix Receiver) with multi-factor authentication are the only approved methods for University staff, students and visitors to obtain remote access into the University network. All other remote access applications allow a "back door" to our systems, potentially compromising our cyber security protocols.

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Cyber Security Reporting Obligations

New cyber security obligations reinforce the need for speedy reporting of cyber incidents.  The University is now subject to statutory notification timeframes - in some circumstances within 12 hours of an actual or potential breach being noticed by a system user. Incidents should be immediately reported to the University’s Cybersecurity team using this form.

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MyAdelaide release 4 – Graduations

Release 4 introduces graduation applications. Students can now create, submit, view and manage their conferral application(s), including presentation events, in MyAdelaide in line with the University’s conferral deadlines. This functionality has now been permanently removed from Access Adelaide.

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IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy

The revised IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy has been approved by the Vice-Chancellor. By observing the acceptable use and security requirements, University IT users and custodians can help to prevent service disruptions and data breaches caused by cyberattacks and other threats.

[Read more about IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy]

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