Digital Marketing and Insights Enablement Project

The Digital Marketing and Insights Enablement program is implementing and activating marketing technology to achieve an improved digital experience for staff and students across key platforms, including high value websites, leveraging the investment made in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This will ensure a seamless, personalised and consistent experience for users, making it easy for them to enrol with us which in turn, supports revenue grown for the University of Adelaide.

Future Making Strategy

The University of Adelaide’s Future Making Strategic Plan outlines a strong focus on growth and providing our students and staff with a world-class experience. Our technology strategy, Digital Future, covers the role that technology and the desired outputs of the digital experience enabler play in the University achieving these overarching objectives. 

Which page is going to be re-platformed? 

The project team is currently working on re-platforming the International Students website from Drupal to AEM with the website expected to go live in mid-January 2023. Assets associated with the International Students website will be migrated to Digital Asset Management (DAM) at the same time. 

The nominated content authors and approvers will be trained to populate, update and publish pages in the new AEM with knowledge articles and subject matter experts established. 

Please contact Brooke Lee or Melinda Lane if you have any questions.  

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