Encryption for University-managed devices

Recent events have shown us the very real risk cyber-attacks pose in our sector. Keeping our University’s devices and their confidential contents safe is of utmost priority. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to increase cyber security and protect intellectual property across the University, starting 31 July 2023 disk encryption will be progressively deployed to all staff Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Windows and Apple computers. We expect this work to be completed by 31 August 2023. 

This work is in line with our cyber security strategy and policies in place.

What you need to know

Computers containing sensitive data, such as laptops or desktops, are easily transported between the University and other locations including people’s homes, making them more susceptible to being lost or stolen. 

Disk encryption will convert the information stored on University SOE devices into obfuscated data that hides its true meaning, so even if someone unauthorised were to access the data, it wouldn’t be useful information. 

We expect this change to have no impact on how you use your University-managed computers or access your data. 

Where to go for support

If you require any assistance with your Windows or Apple SOE computers, please contact the ITDS Service Desk on +61 8 8313 3000 or via the MyIT Portal

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