ICAC obligations for contractors too

Did you know that it’s not just University staff who are public officers? Contractors to the University are public officers too, and as such have the same responsibilities and obligations under the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 2012 (SA).

The University of Adelaide is a public authority for the purposes of the ICAC Act. Both staff and contractors who work for the University are considered public officers, and must conduct themselves in line with the ICAC Act and the directions and guidelines published by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

A South Australian contractor recently appeared in court following an ICAC investigation for fraud-related offences. Even though he wasn’t a Government employee, his conduct was open to scrutiny from the ICAC because he had performed work for a public authority.

Responsibilities for University contractors

Contractors’ obligations under the ICAC Act are referenced in the University’s Consultancy Services Agreement contract template, an agreement between the contractor and the University that is used when engaging a consultant for services within the University.

The clause states that when supplying services to the University, contractors can be the subject of a report to the Office for Public Integrity ('OPI') which may be investigated. Contractors also have a responsibility to report any conduct they reasonably believe to be corruption in public administration. Contractors of the University may refer to the Resources for Public Officers webpage and FAQs for further information.

Reporting corrupt conduct

If you reasonably suspect wrongdoing involving corruption in public administration you must make a report to the OPI.

Editorial note: This article was updated in November 2021.
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