How compliance awareness becomes compliance aptitude

Did you know that over 200 State and Federal Acts specifically apply to the University?

But don’t worry, no-one at the University is expected to know all of these laws! The University has a Framework to proactively support staff and other personnel to more confidently manage their compliance obligations and support their decision-making.

The trick is to recognise that laws impact on most of what we do and by asking the right questions you can actively reduce the risks associated with non-compliance – embarrassment, fines, prohibitions, criminal penalties, to name a few.

The University’s Legal Compliance Framework has two purposes:

  • To help staff comply with the law by:
    • promoting awareness
    • formalising management responsibilities
    • developing resources, such as plain language legislation summaries - and blogs!
    • providing assistance to prevent or resolve non-compliance should something go wrong.
  • To demonstrate compliance to stakeholders and regulators through reporting and notification systems.

Manage your compliance obligations with confidence – Just ask!

Deciphering the requirements of an Act and applying it to your work situation can be tricky, even if you have experience with regulatory systems. The Framework reaches across the University to ensure staff from all areas can access information or the expertise needed to meet compliance obligations.

Here’s a few ways you can gain a better understanding of legislation that affects your role and the decisions you make:

  • Talk to a Local Compliance Officer in your area about the legislation most likely to impact on your activities
  • Take advantage of the resources available on the Legal and Risk website:
    • Legislation summaries which provide an overview of Acts as they apply to the University.
    • Legislation Directory – a searchable listing of all Acts relevant to the University
  • Seek practical advice from a Designated Specialist Officer on how the University manages compliance with legislation across various key Categories
  • Contact the University Compliance Centre or phone 8313 4539.

Being compliant with legislation isn’t always straight-forward but it does ensure the integrity of your work and of the University.  It strengthens the University by preserving the quality of activities and enhancing reputation.

The University has established systems to support your awareness and understanding of legal compliance requirements – aptitude is all you need.

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