Everything you need to know to be a good Public Officer

If you are reading this, you probably have an obligation under the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012 to report certain types of activities or conduct to the Office for Public Integrity.

This is because the University is a Public Authority and that means anyone that contributes to its operations is a Public Officer*.

But if you’re not quite sure what this means, don’t worry! The University has resources to support you to understand and confidently manage your obligations.

You can find links to online training offered by ICAC, and other relevant information on the University’s dedicated webpage - ICAC Resources for Public Officers.

FAQs also address questions about when and how to make a report to the Office for Public Integrity, and what happens afterwards.

Collectively, our actions are the bedrock of the University’s integrity. In reporting wrongdoing when you see it, you are acting to preserve that integrity.

*You are a Public Officer under the ICAC Act if you are an employee (even if you are seconded to other organisations), an officer of the University, a titleholder, a volunteer, a consultant or a contractor providing services to the University.

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