Travel insurance updates

We have noticed an increase in the number of staff travelling interstate and overseas for University-related business. The University manages this risk in a variety of ways: one of them is to transfer certain risks to an insurer via the purchase of travel insurance. To ensure we get the benefit of the insurance cover we purchase it is important that our staff understand the benefits available. All travellers are encouraged to visit the Travel Insurance webpage to familiarise themselves with the cover prior to booking the travel, if questions arise after visiting the webpage, please make contact the Insurance Office directly.

Our Insurer can extend cover in certain circumstances to accommodate matters that are out of the ordinary. We recommend discussing these matters with the Insurance office rather than purchasing cover outside of the University’s arrangement, this is to ensure you have consistent coverage with one Insurer and to avoid gaps.

Travellers on approved University Business travel are reminded that if their journey commences in 2022 and continues beyond 31 December 2022, the 2022 policy will continue to apply.

COVID-19 cover provided under the policy

The University purchases a comprehensive level of cover to protect travellers while they are away from the University, ensuring unlimited medical (including COVID-19) and repatriation cover, protection for personal belongings, cancellations and curtailments along with additional benefits that are detailed on the website.

If the traveller has a confirmed and documented diagnosis of COVID, and the trip was not in conflict with any Australian or University travel restrictions or advice, the policy will respond and pay the following benefits:

  • Prior to departure, for trip cancellation, i.e., where the traveller contracts COVID prior to departure and incurs cancellation costs;
  • While overseas, for the medical and medical evacuation expenses related to contracting COVID; and
  • While overseas, for any reasonable and necessary additional expenses resulting from the cancellation, restriction, or interruption to travel as a result of contracting COVID; this would include costs associated with orders by country authorities to hotel quarantine – if the traveller has a confirmed and documented diagnosis of COVID.

As with any travel-related illness or accident, all claims are subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

For more answers to common travel insurance questions, please see Travel Insurance FAQs.

For details about the cover, please see the Travel Insurance webpage.

For details about the University’s travel approval process, please refer to the University Travel hub.

For travel emergency assistance, please see the contact information here.

For life-threatening emergencies call the local jurisdiction emergency services immediately. Travellers are advised to check prior to travel.

For travel advisories, passports, visas, and a 24-hour consular emergency helpline, please contact The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Contact Insurance Office: 
Call 831 34539 
Submit an enquiry online

Please note that the Insurance Office will be closed in line with the University’s end-of-year shutdown period for general queries.

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