Unilink Newsletter (2009-2014)

News, announcements and educational articles are now published on the Legal and Risk Branch Blog.

Browse historical publications of the Unilink Newsletter (2009 - 2014) below for risk, legal, compliance, contract management and other information to help increase understanding of legal and risk issues across the University.

Publication Contents
November 2014
  • Scamming is on the rise - don't get caught!
  • Keep your eye to the horizon (regulation of Drones)
  • I'll just email that to you (use of University email account)
  • Do I need a Disclaimer or a Waiver?
  • Sage Advice for the Silly Season
October 2014
  • Privacy Matters
  • Mind your Fees & Qs
  • Notifiable Event Reporting - On time, every time
  • Clinical Trials and Human Studies Insurance
  • Workplace Bullying Laws- new Fair Work orders
June 2014
  • Liquor Licensing, Alcohol Management and the University
  • Employees versus Independent Contractors: why it's important to know the difference
  • Travel Insurance - why you need it and how to make sure you are covered

February 2014

  • Our new website - updated resources and improved functionality
  • 2014 Education and Training Program
  • Copyright on Images
  • Introducing the Legal and Risk team
November 2013
  • Certified Copies, Statutory Declarations and Affidavits: Who can sign or witness? 
  • Screening DVD's in the classroom
  • Justice of the Peace: What do they do?
  • Governing the University: How much do you know?
May 2013
  • University-affiliated facebook pages
  • Insurance for Independent Contract Lecturers
  • Compliance Education material
  • Can you record a meeting on an i-pad or mobile phone?
March 2013
  • Copyright reminders for the new academic year
  • 2013 Education & Awareness sessions
  • Requests to verify academic qualifications
  • Protection of the University's cultural heritage
December 2012
  • Records Management:– what documents you need to keep; how records should be saved; what can be disposed of; and how records disposal should occur
  • A new Privacy Act for South Australia
  • Standard Form Contracts now available for use by University staff
  • Poison Posts and Facebook liability:- Who is liable if user content on a business Facebook page breaches an industry code? (article by Fox Tucker Lawyers)
September 2012
  • Gifts from students and protection and preservation of academic integrity
  • Employees v Independent Contractors - why it's important to know the difference
  • TEQSA: is it just another acronym, or something that could affect us all?
  • Legal & Risk survey results: we asked you what you thought of us, now we'll tell you what we’ve learned
June 2012
  • Can the University be held liable for users' internet piracy?
  • Is it ok to 'fix up' a signed contract?
  • Business Names, Domain Names and Trademarks
  • Smoking Bans - New local council powers
April 2012
  • Scamming the University: The frauds and potential scams to look out for
  • Personal Legal Advice and why Legal & Risk cannot provide it to staff or students
  • Insurance for students on overseas work placements
February 2012
  • Who is Legal & Risk and what do we do
  • Information on the University website: Are we inadvertently giving the wrong impression?
  • Lapsed domain names and why it pays to properly renew
  • 2012 Insurance Policy Guides
  • Legal & Risk Education and Awareness Program: How we can help you this year
November 2011
  • Legal Compliance Framework: a reflection on the past 18 months
  • Commonwealth v. State powers: why do we have both?
  • Universities and risk exposure from internet use (article by Minter Ellison)
  • IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy
  • New online resources
September 2011
  • Police access to student records
  • Saving and storing legal documents
  • The new University Risk Matrix
  • Insurance Declarations - what do you have to declare?
  • Searching the University website - what you won't find
May 2011
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Facing up to Facebook: the legal and risk implications of using social networking sites
  • Student Placement Agreements: ensuring our students are insured
  • Mobile Phone disposal: protect your data
March 2011
  • ARI or Legal & Risk? Where you should send your contract
  • Australia’s new consumer protection laws
  • Compliance Matters – what to do when a third party or regulator becomes involved
  • Email Etiquette – Top 5 dos and don’ts
  • Trade Marks update – Can Apple register “APP STORE” as a Trade Mark? (article by Kelly & Co)
December 2010
  • 2010 wrap-up of legal, risk, compliance and insurance activities
  • What's in store for 2011
October 2010
  • Competitions, raffles and prize-winning draws; running a lottery at the University
  • The “due diligence” defence: when you need one and how to ensure you have one
  • Professional indemnity insurance: for when the experts get it wrong
  • New Legal & Risk resources
  • 2011 insurance renewal process: our duty of disclosure and your part to play
July 2010
  • Icode: the code to improve cybersecurity
  • Introducing the new University Risk Register (URR)
  • Hold Harmless Clauses - Don't sign them!
  • Misrepresentation 101
  • Insurance for "high risk" travel destinations
  • Goodbye Trade Practices Act... Hello Competition & Consumer Act
May 2010
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Introducing the Contract Management website 
  • SPAM: Avoid it if you can
  • New Legal & Risk resources
  • Fraud Control online course
  • ORM, BCM, ERM... It's all Risk Management
February 2010
  • Online defamation: the How To Not Do It guide 
  • The benefits of using a Contract Register
  • Copyright issues for online distribution of teaching materials
  • Avoid a coffee-pot fire hazard
  • ISO 31000-2001; the New Standard for Risk Management
December 2009
  • Privacy perils and the world of Web 2.0 technology
  • Risk Management at the University
  • A guide to orchestrating great meetings
  • 2010 Fraud Induction for staff
  • Avoiding Disability Discrimination at the University
  • Legal Compliance Project review
October 2009
  • ESOS Act Amendments; How the University is involved
  • Environment Protection 101
  • Keeping up with changes to legislation: How do we do it? How can we help you?
  • FOI Applications
  • "Copyright for Marketing Slogans" (article by Kelly & Co)
  • New compliance education material
  • Understanding Student work experience insurance
August 2009
  • "Student Access to Marking Guides" (article by JWS)
  • Trade Practices Act 101
  • Cartel Conduct: What is it and where could the cartel conduct leave you? 
  • The benefits of University travel insurance
  • Points to consider if undertaking activities outside the University
May 2009
  • Copyright 101
  • Changes to the Privacy Act
  • Research Grants
  • Ensuring our Insurance: Duty of Disclosure and Adverse Event Reporting
  • Representing the University
  • New Policies Explained (Legal Compliance, Contracts & Agreements, Risk Management)
  • "Privacy Protection & Security Breaches: Are YOU doing the right thing?" (article by JWS)
February 2009
  • Who is Legal & Risk?
  • Legal Eagles - what we do and how we can help you
  • Major Projects for Legal & Risk in 2009
  • Contracts v. Deeds v. Memorandums Of Understanding. . . Are they the same thing?
  • "Defamation; To Kill a Mocking Word" (article by JWS)
  • University Travel Insurance: We've got you covered