Open Access

The University of Adelaide strongly encourages open access. Providing free and unrestricted access to research publications helps to increase the impact of University research though greater discoverability and availability of output, and contributes to creating a more equitable society.

Open Access Policy

The University's Open Access Policy was introduced in 2019. The aim is to increase the reach and impact of research, raise the profile of our researchers and the University, and ensure equitable access to our research outputs.

Achieving Open Access

Green open access, gold open access, or hybrid open access. Learn more about the different open access options and how they work.

Open Access Repositories

The University of Adelaide's two main repositories are figshare and AR&S, but there is a wide range of repositories in which you can deposit research outputs.

Grant funding

Learn about the open access requirements of grant funders.

Publishing and Open Access

Discover the range of open access publishers, learn how to avoid predatory publishers, and find out how to negotiate open access as part of your publishing agreement. 

Read & Publish

Read & Publish Agreements are designed to shift the costs libraries pay for subscription access towards open access publishing. 

Help and resources

The Library provides support and advice to help you make your research open access.