Congratulations to the Library Survey winners!

Congratulations to Kechen Dong and Nicholas Scott, the top prize winners from the Library Client Survey conducted last month! Thanks to the great volume of submissions received, we are now armed with a newly updated lot of feedback that will help to inform services and spaces throughout the library. 

The Library Client Survey is run every two years and the data from past surveys has been used to shape many of the services we currently provide. The survey also enables us to benchmark our performance against other university libraries, both nationally and worldwide.

Improvements to library services in response to previous surveys have included:

  • Streamlining of the noise zones at the Sir John Salmond Law Library
  • Additional power points at the Barr Smith Library
  • Changes to the search functionality within Library Search
  • Additional group study spaces at the Barr Smith Library

A big thank you to all who completed this year's survey! We look forward to using your feedback to further improve the library and its position within the University community.

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