HPECM upgrade to Content Manager

Black and white computer and form

On Monday 22 November 2021 HPECM (formerly TRIM) was upgraded to version 10 and renamed Content Manager (CM).

Content Manager is available to deploy from the Software Centre by accessing the Start Menu and under ‘Content Manager’.

Contact ITDS Service Desk 33000 or servicedesk@adelaide.edu.au for assistance with Content Manager deployment.

Contact Records Services 35334 or records.services@adelaide.edu.au for assistance with Content Manger and recordkeeping advice.


For staff unable to attend or book into a Content Manager overview session, a recording of a session is available here.

Content Manager Quick Reference guides are available on Records Services webpage.

Please direct any queries to Records Services on 8313 5334 or email records.services@adelaide.edu.au

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