Friends of the Library event with Oliver Mayo

Oliver Mayo

Oliver Mayo

Oliver Mayo on William Harvey - discoverer of the circulation of blood

Professor Oliver Mayo will talk about his discovery of William Harvey (1578 – 1657) and how he “influenced me through my mentors”. In his treatise De Motu Cordis, on the movement of the blood in the body, his greatest discovery, Harvey wrote 'my trust is in my love of truth and the candour of cultivated minds’.

This inspiring influence motivated Oliver to Adopt for conservation the Barr Smith Library’s copy of Harvey’s collected works, Opera omnia 1766. The volumes will be displayed at the event and Conservator Karen Vidler will join us to outline the challenges of the work.

Date: Monday 28 August 2023, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Doors open at 12:30 pm, tea and coffee available.
Venue: Ira Raymond Exhibition Room, Barr Smith Library Level 3, directly opposite the bridge entrance to the Library and Hub Central.
Cost: General admission $10.00 (inc GST) Students free. Proceeds support the Library.
Bookings: Book online


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