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Tech tips: phishing, smishing and vishing?

Man's hand holding out a credit card

We are all probably pretty aware of what to look out for to avoid getting trapped by ‘phishing’ emails, but ‘vishing’ (scam phonecalls) and ‘smishing’ (SMS scams) are also getting increasingly sophisticated. These days, almost any avenue of contact provides the opportunity for scams. Find out more.

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Passcodes required for Zoom

Woman videoconferencing on laptop

Zoom is enforcing additional security measures for all meetings. As a result, the passcode function will be locked to ‘on’ for all Zoom meetings, including existing meetings. ITDS will apply the changes on 13 September. Meeting organisers will need to re-send invitations for any meetings after this date for attendees to join.

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Mac update: farewell High Sierra

A picture of a corner of an old Apple Mac computer

The Mac High Sierra operating system will soon no longer be supported, which means that if you are on this system, you will need to upgrade to Catalina (free) or your access to the University's network will be restricted or disabled, when using that operating system. Also, Microsoft Office will cease to function on it from October 2020.

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Tech tips: email timing courtesy

A partially-closed Mac laptop in the dark

With so much technology at our fingertips, it is increasingly easy, and even tempting, to be connected to work conversations and activity outside of traditional working hours. These handy tips can help you hit the right balance for yourself and your colleagues.

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ITDS training in Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more

Woman typing at a laptop with a cup of coffee

To help support staff across the University, ITDS runs a range of training sessions, now available online via Zoom. Coming up across September are a range of sessions focussing on some tools that are extra relevant now, and can help you connect with colleagues, teach, and share information.

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‘Hacky Hour’ for researchers

A close-up of wires on the high performance computer

Hacky hour is an informal meet-up for University of Adelaide researchers to bring their questions and discuss technology-related issues, with experts on hand to advise on problems related to coding, data analytics, and digital tools. 

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Tech tips: 'be you' with a pic

picture of a camera

Thanks to technology, we have many ways to connect remotely, but the personal touch is still important. Using profile pics on your email profile and other platforms can make a big difference. 

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Tech tips: energy efficiency

Five light bulbs all turned on at once

Whether at home or work, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to make your equipment more energy efficient and reduce energy use, such as through changes to computer settings, as well as your own day-to-day habits.

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Tech tips: Smart printing

Mac laptop and printer on a desk at home

When you think about printing, or preparing a document that may be printed, think about ink use (and wastage), and use these tips to help reduce ink use.

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Cyber safety vigilance

IT Acceptable Use and Security policy

Recent stories in the news have highlighted the importance of vigilance against cyber threats targeting major organisations in Australia. 

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