Be smart with software licensing

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Software considerations to save you trouble and money

Need some software? Before you purchase or download, check whether a University license already exists, or if there is a preferred alternative. This applies both for software on University devices and software for University use on a personal device. Leveraging on existing agreements can help gain significant savings.

Also, beware of free software that may have limitations on its ‘free’ use. Some software is free for personal use at home, but not for work purposes. Licenses may also be limited in other ways, such as being designated for ‘educational’ use, but not research. So, to be sure, check it out with the ITDS Service Desk! There also may be an alternative that is recommended/preferred/supported.

To download software for University devices, or software to a personal device for University use, use the Software Software Centre (for PCs) or Mac Self Service (for Macs).

A range of software packages are available through ITDS.  Requests for software not offered by ITDS must be submitted via the Software Assessment form and once approved attached to a Special Request Requisition in ePro. Software purchases on corporate credit cards are not permitted.

For more information on software available for University and personal devices, visit this page.


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