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IT services during close-down

Check out our self help guides for step by step instructions!

During the University’s close-down period (18 December - 8 January) the ITDS Service Desk will continue to be available but with reduced staffing.

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Reminder to use unique passwords

Online safety

Data breaches have become common with increased sophistication and volume of cyberattacks, and could affect you!

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Digital 'spring cleaning'

Hands on a laptop keyboard with an overlay showing data icons and security

Thinking about what information you share online is a necessary precaution, and one important step you can take to help protect yourself and your family is an annual digital ‘spring clean’ to reduce the risks of impersonation and other threats.

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Laptops not PCs!

Picture of a woman using a laptop at home

Need a computer? ITDS recommends laptops over PCs to support new ways of working, including increased mobility, and working from home using a webcam and wireless networking. If you find a laptop screen size limiting, an external monitor can help.

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Be smart with software licensing

A young woman sits at a desk by a laptop with coding screens in background

Need some software? Before you purchase or download, check whether a University license already exists, or if there is a preferred alternative. This applies both for software on University devices and software for University use on a personal device.

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Tech tips: Multi-factor authentication

IT Acceptable Use and Security policy

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the most effective controls available to maintain the security of our data and systems.

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Jira, Confluence and Trello

Changes are coming to the log-in process for Jira, Confluence and Trello at the University of Adelaide

[Read more about Jira, Confluence and Trello]

Top tips to avoid 'spear phishing'

goldfish in blue water

'Spear phishing' is a very dangerous type of phishing in which criminals target individuals or companies using very realistic 'bait' or calls to action, using publicly available information. Spear phishing could draw on information from websites, social media, annual reports, media releases, or other easily available information.

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Technology services for research

Research computing infrastructure plays an important role, helping researchers break new ground. Find out more about the options and resources available ...

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Staff update: purchasing software

A woman sits at several computer monitors

A range of software packages are available through ITDS.  Contact us if what you are looking for is not listed, as there may be an alternative. Requests for software not offered by ITDS should be submitted via the Software Assessment form and once approved attached to a Special Request Requisition in ePro.

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