Laptops not PCs!

Picture of a woman using a laptop at home

Need a computer? ITDS recommends laptops over PCs to support new ways of working.

Laptops offer a rage of benefits over PCs, including increased mobility for working in more 'agile' ways, including working from home, and varied locations. Also, using a webcam, and wireless networking. If you find a laptop screen size limiting, an external monitor can help.

You can have a monitor at home and at work, use an external keyboard or mouse if you like, and fold up your laptop for travel to another location.

The days of large heavy laptops (or 'bricks') are now a thing of the past, and you can also opt for a range of hard drive and memory upgrades on your laptop.

If you are purchasing a University laptop or other device, orders should be placed through eProcurement. The University’s preferred computer provider is CompNow.

ITDS has also negotiated for CompNow to extend its University pricing to staff and students at the University of Adelaide who are purchasing personally-owned devices. Have a look at the prices on the the CompNow portal for personal devices if you are thinking about at a purchase for yourself, and see if they have something that's right for you - you may find a nice saving. 


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