Writing your ARC grant application? Import your publications the easy way!

You are now able to import publications in several ways, into your grant application in the ARC RMS (Research Management System).

You can import from your ORCiD ID if it is up to date. However, it is easier to import from Aurora using the BibTex option, as there are fewer steps, and because your Aurora account is likely to be up to date. Here are the instructions on how to do this.

Step 1. Check that you have claimed all your publications in Aurora, then import your whole publication list into RMS by selecting all publications (up to a max of 100), then selecting to export them as a BibTex file. Save the file on your computer.

Step 2. In RMS, select ‘manage research outputs’, then browse for the BibTex file and select ‘import’.

Step 3. The publications won’t appear as a single list in RMS but will appear by category under a drop-down list (books, edited books, etc). Entries can then be massaged into order – first by ranking into the Top 10, then by checking category according to ARC guidelines. Funding association and relevance to the proposal can be added here. Publications a researcher doesn’t want to show (non-research, non-peer reviewed, media coverage, etc.) can also be deleted from the list.

Step 4. Double check that there are no repeats in the list – RMS won’t do this automatically. The top 10 should not be repeated under the separate categories but only appear once as the top 10 ranked.

For further information, please see the User Guide on importing publications available on the ARC RMS webpage at https://www.arc.gov.au/grants/rms-information

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