Data, Analytics & Insight Strategy and Implementation Roadmap

Improving analytics is a priority in higher education globally. Analytics themed strongly during consultation for Future Making as well as for our technology strategy. We want to build upon our capabilities to provide more relevant and timely advanced analytics.

This activity is underway to identify and prioritise the execution of initiatives aligned to the University’s strategic goals. In developing the strategy, it is imperative that people, process, data and technology perspectives are considered, and a whole of University approach is adopted, catering for the diverse needs of a wide range of stakeholders.

The initiative will formalise a shared University Data, Analytics and Insight Strategy and Roadmap, which will take account of data governance, delivery model and technology investments, provide a proof of concept model to demonstrate technical and data capabilities, and develop priorities that will drive investment in coming years.

The roadmap is being developed now, and will be released early in 2020. Areas across the University have been invited to participate in interviews and workshops taking place through November. If you have not been invited to participate directly, but would like to contribute, please contact Helen Foster, Enterprise Change Manager, by 6 December.

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