Phishing season: be alert for scams, especially in the lead-up to Christmas

Did you know that the holiday season can also be the phishing season?

Stay alert this holiday season as you clear your email inbox and ‘to do’ list, and if you have any doubts, check it out:

  • If there is a link, hover your cursor over it to verify the true destination of the link
  • Do not click on links for any email that you have doubts about
  • If you have accidentally clicked on a link, and are presented with a logon page, then check the address bar. If it is truly a University link, it should say
  • Do not respond to dubious emails. Instead, report them to following the instructions on the University webpage here or contact the Service Desk for advice by emailing

You can find a range of useful tips and tricks here and if you are a member of the University staff and have not completed the University’s mandatory cyber-security awareness training, please do so as soon as possible here.

Being cyber safe on holiday and while travelling – new resource

Cyber security risks increase significantly when travelling overseas and interstate. You can find a range of practical steps you can take before, during and after travel on the University’s SecureIT website here.

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