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Keeping your data and systems safe

Data protection

New ways to protect University systems and information coming soon: Global Protect virtual private network and multi-factor authentication of HR systems

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Reminder to use unique passwords

Online safety

Data breaches have become common with increased sophistication and volume of cyberattacks, and could affect you!

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Passcodes required for Zoom

Woman videoconferencing on laptop

Zoom is enforcing additional security measures for all meetings. As a result, the passcode function will be locked to ‘on’ for all Zoom meetings, including existing meetings. ITDS will apply the changes on 13 September. Meeting organisers will need to re-send invitations for any meetings after this date for attendees to join.

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Mac update: farewell High Sierra

A picture of a corner of an old Apple Mac computer

The Mac High Sierra operating system will soon no longer be supported, which means that if you are on this system, you will need to upgrade to Catalina (free) or your access to the University's network will be restricted or disabled, when using that operating system. Also, Microsoft Office will cease to function on it from October 2020.

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Cyber safety vigilance

IT Acceptable Use and Security policy

Recent stories in the news have highlighted the importance of vigilance against cyber threats targeting major organisations in Australia. 

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Critical Microsoft Update

Computers, laptops and tablets

Do you use Microsoft Windows 10 on a computer on the wireless network, or on your personal computer?

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Urgent advice to update your iPhone software

Security researchers have released information on critical vulnerabilities affecting all iOS versions before 12.1.4 and all iPhones.

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Increased 'phishing' attempts

Recent reports of a notable increase in ‘phishing' attempts in the education sector, together with news that the Australian National University has recently discovered a 2018 data breach, provide a timely reminder of the importance of data security.

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Simulated phishing - baseline phase completed with prizes

Following on from the Chief Information Officer Bev McQuade’s email back in June 2017, simulated phishing emails were sent out to all staff between August 2017 and January 2018. They were intended to help us objectively gauge the vulnerability of the University, as well as deliver ‘just-in-time’ learning in order to build awareness of the various types of online phishing situations.

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