Critical Microsoft Update

Computers, laptops and tablets

Do you use Microsoft Windows 10 on a computer on the wireless network, or on your personal computer?

Microsoft released some critical security updates for Windows 10 computers on 15 January 2020.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has recommended that these updates be applied urgently. All Windows 10 computers, including laptops, desktops and tablets are affected.

We recommend that all personal Windows 10 computers are updated by following the Microsoft guide.

For University of Adelaide staff, updates have been applied automatically to desktop computers, but if you have a University of Adelaide laptop/tablet on the UofA Wi-Fi network (or another network) we recommend you check your computer has been updated by following these steps:

  • Click the Start button, type ‘Windows Update’ and select the ‘Check for updates’ menu item
  • Use the ‘Check online for updates from Microsoft Update’ link
  • Updates will be detected, downloaded and installed
  • Once prompted, restart your computer and run this process again to confirm that all updates have successfully installed

If you are a University of Adelaide staff member or student and have any questions, or need assistance to update your computer, please contact the ITDS Service Desk any time on +61 8 313 3000 or

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