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Top tips to avoid 'spear phishing'

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'Spear phishing' is a very dangerous type of phishing in which criminals target individuals or companies using very realistic 'bait' or calls to action, using publicly available information. Spear phishing could draw on information from websites, social media, annual reports, media releases, or other easily available information.

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Tech tips: phishing, smishing and vishing?

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We are all probably pretty aware of what to look out for to avoid getting trapped by ‘phishing’ emails, but ‘vishing’ (scam phonecalls) and ‘smishing’ (SMS scams) are also getting increasingly sophisticated. These days, almost any avenue of contact provides the opportunity for scams. Find out more.

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Beware of COVID-19 phishing

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Scammers regularly seek to capitalise on topical issues to trap people into responding to fake emails, text messages and ads.

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Simulated phishing - baseline phase completed with prizes

Following on from the Chief Information Officer Bev McQuade’s email back in June 2017, simulated phishing emails were sent out to all staff between August 2017 and January 2018. They were intended to help us objectively gauge the vulnerability of the University, as well as deliver ‘just-in-time’ learning in order to build awareness of the various types of online phishing situations.

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