MyAdelaide release 3: student finance

Students can now view account balance and summary information, access account payment information, update their TFN and their view CHESSN, USI and Commonwealth Assistance Eligibility Status.

MyAdelaide allows students to:

  • View exam timetables, class timetables (weekly view and next 5 classes) and academic results - including Grade Point Average (GPA) and transcripts.
  • Access information about what they are studying and research candidature.
  • Update their details and emergency contacts details, and expected program completion semester
  • Generate and print enrolment confirmation letter for Centrelink, provided they don’t have a Negative Service Indicator (NSI). For students with an NSI, this button is deactivated.

More features are in development, including:

  • Graduation applications
  • Print top-up
  • Watch this space or check out the MyAdelaide page for more information.
  • We would love to know your thoughts! Student feedback can help direct future development, which will be ongoing for the next several months. We invite you to reach out via
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