Our Eight Technology Enablers

To support the University’s Future Making strategic plan, we have identified eight key technology enablers.

Eight Enablers

Digital Future, our technology strategy, is our plan to ensure that our University has the technology solutions it needs for the journey ahead: to 2025 and beyond. This means integrated and connected initiatives and solutions that are innovative, fit for purpose, robust, sustainable and scalable to meet our plans for growth.

To support the university's strategic plan, and in line with our Industry Engagement Priorities, we have identified eight key technology enablers.

These cover the breadth of contemporary technology, including digital experience and enablement, the ‘smart campus’, learning and teaching, research technology, relationship management and community engagement, data, analytics and insight, and core technology foundations such as cyber security and the core IT infrastructure.

Through our eight enablers we seek to provide technology solutions that will support our University community to deliver Future Making – solutions for our students past and present, academics, researchers, staff, industry partners, and the broader community. 

  • Digital Experience

    • Seamless digital interaction between all members of our extended University community, including current and future students, professional and academic staff, researchers, industry partners, alumni, titleholders and donors
    • Easy access to intuitive, personalised technology through a consistent and engaging experience platform
    • A technology-enhanced experience that smoothly encapsulates the full student lifecycle, from entering our University, studying, leaving and becoming an alumni, and returning as a lifelong learner, as well as the associated activities and experiences of academic and professional staff, external partners and the community
  • Learning, Teaching & Assessment

    • On-demand access to innovative digital course content and materials with high-quality online alternatives to the campus-based experience
    • Preparing our students for the workplaces of tomorrow through technology-supported, collaborative and inquiry-based approaches
    • Digitally enhanced on and off-campus learning environments, with virtual classrooms and offerings supporting our culturally diverse student body to be located anywhere globally
    • Leveraging technology to support offering our students and academics greater flexibility and personal choice through curriculum design and delivery, digital and micro-credentials, authentic and meaningful assessments, and flexible timetabling and academic calendars
  • Research Technology

    • Technologies and services which support recruiting, supporting and retaining top-talent researchers in key academic domains
    • Technologies and services that support the management and delivery of world-class research, including enhancing the researcher experience and research collaboration, as well as administration optimisation
    • High performance and specialised research computing, research data management and secure research facilities
    • Technologies and tools to support and enhance research business development, industry engagement in line with our Industry Engagement Priorities, and the acquisition of research funding
  • Data, Analytics & Insight

    • Providing reliable, accurate, timely and easily accessible data and insights to better inform evidence-based decision making across our University, driving early intervention and responsiveness in areas such as student mental health and wellbeing, as part of the pastoral support we provide
    • Data governance, analytics and insights platforms and capabilities to enable a ‘single view’ of our stakeholders, enabling tailored digital marketing capabilities and decision making
    • Enabling our learning, teaching and research activities through curriculum and learning analytics, retention interventions, research reporting, and research delivery performance insights
  • Relationship Management & Community Engagement

    • Enhancing our ability to effectively manage our relationships and engage with our community –locally, nationally and globally
    • Providing a single view of student information across their lifecycle at and beyond the University, improving our understanding of different cohorts across all their educational stages, and when they become alumni
    • New technology capabilities to support campaign management, business development, and opportunity identification, and targeted marketing to attract and recruit talent for our University
  • Smart Campus

    • Physical spaces where people and technology-enabled infrastructure interact to create more immersive and fulfilling experiences for our University community, acknowledging our connection to the Kaurna people as custodians of the land we stand on
    • Wider public use of our buildings, campus spaces and online environments for learning, engaging and connecting with each other, and the wider national and global community
    • Our campuses are showcases for the ‘smart city’ community, addressing sustainability and social considerations and expectations, and leveraging innovative technology to optimise campus management
  • Digitally-Enabled Workforce

    • Technologies that enable us to actively engage and manage our talent, making it easier for staff to work, collaborate and connect via streamlined processes, linked systems and data.
    • Improving staff experience by enabling a flexible and mobile workforce, as well as enhanced and easier communications and collaboration, freeing up more time for higher-value tasks
    • Modernising our University governance, risk and compliance systems
  • Technology Foundations

    • The core technologies and platforms that provide stable, secure and flexible foundations onto which we can build innovative solutions – such as the digital experience and relationship management platforms – to deliver world-class and engaging technologies and experiences for our students, researchers, academics, staff and external partners