Keep your records intact while working from home

Editor’s Note: This article was updated in October 2021

Adaptable technologies have given us the flexibility to easily move between working on campus and working from home. This pattern is likely to be the new model of work into the future.

To maintain workflows while working remotely, the University provides secure access to online systems and work tools. Self-help guides can assist us to access a variety of platforms and databases so we can continue to easily communicate and collaborate.

While the new normal may change where we work, it won’t change what we must do to meet our workplace obligations. One obligation we often emphasise is recordkeeping. Regardless of the platform used to communicate or share files, each of us must keep accurate and complete records of University activities and business transactions.

There are some simple integrations between the University’s official recordkeeping system and everyday applications like Microsoft Office Suite (including Microsoft Teams) which can make the task of recordkeeping more manageable.

Records Services have developed a range of "how to" guides which explain how to integrate recordkeeping routines with the new platforms we have come to rely on to get the job done. This includes a helpful guide on accessing HPE Content Manager remotely.

The duty to document is particularly important in times of disruption, as we discussed in our previous blog article, Responding to COVID-19 – Maintain your distance AND your records.

The University’s recordkeeping obligations are set by the State Records Act 1997 and the University Information ManagementPolicy.

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