Internal Audit

Internal Audit (IA) is a function of risk management. There are 4 categories of internal control objectives:

  • Strategic high level goals that support the University’s objectives
  • Financial reporting (internal controls)
  • Operations (operational controls and policy) and
  • Compliance with laws and regulations

Internal audits are designed to provide assurance and confirm compliance to the University Council and its Standing Committees and are separate from those conducted annually by the State Auditor General’s Office.

    The University has a four-year rolling Internal Audit program. The program identifies the projects and/or compliance reviews to be conducted for any one year. The audit reports generally include recommendations or opportunities for improvement that are referred to University management for action.

    The University’s IA services are out-sourced providing independence and impartiality.

    The IA services are supported internally by General Counsel & Executive Director, Legal and Risk and Director Risk Services, within the Legal and Risk Branch.

    An Information Sheet about the University's Internal Audit Program is available to download. It is designed to help inform you about what to expect when participating in an internal audit.

    What we do

    We will:

    • Send you an email to give you a heads-up if your area, or a function within it, is scheduled for an audit
    • Assist in communicating to Internal Audit Team any difficulty you may have meeting a scheduled or agreed timeframe
    • Record the risks, along with any recommendations and opportunities identified in the audit report, in the University Risk Register
    • Facilitate the quarterly status updates on the implementation of agreed actions – using the risk treatment plan as the status update report
    • Respond to any queries or concerns you have about the IA.