Playing Material in Classrooms

Section 28 of the Copyright Act allows the University to perform material in the course of not-for-profit educational instruction, provided that the audience is limited to teachers, students who are enrolled in the class, and persons directly connected with the University.

This covers acts such as:

  •  Playing audio-visual material, this includes commercially purchased or hired videos, CDs or DVDs.
  •  Performing live music or a play.
  •  Reading aloud a poem or short story.

The exception extends to delivering the material via reticulated delivery systems (e.g. from a central DVD player to a classroom) or using live streaming technology.

Note: this exception does not include the right to copy the material. Unless you can rely on another exception or licence you must pause the lecture recording when you are playing material.

You are unlikely to be able to use this exception to play material from video on demand services, such as Netflix or Stan, as the license conditions of these services generally specify that they are for private use. 

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