Images of Learning and Teaching competition winners 2023

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2023 Images of Learning and Teaching competition at the University of Adelaide is Dr Liz Reed with her exceptional photograph, The thrill of discovery.

Dr Reed receives $1000 for her win! She describes her image as follows:

My passion for caves and palaeontology started with an undergraduate field camp to the Naracoorte Caves. In the Fossil Cave I was given the opportunity to excavate in a real dig and I uncovered the jaw of an extinct kangaroo that died over 200,000 years ago. At the time I realised that I was the first human being to see that fossil. My first palaeontology experience has stayed with me ever since and started my career as a scientist. 

I see the same thrill of discovery in the faces of Rachel Atkins and Rhianna Power, pictured here excavating 78,000-year-old megafauna fossils in a cave at Naracoorte during our Field Palaeontology course. In our field courses the students work side by side with researchers from a variety of disciplines from palaeontology and geochronology to ancient DNA. Innovation in our teaching comes from this multi-disciplinary approach that gives the students a broad, hands-on experience in the palaeosciences. This encourages them to find their own niche in this exciting field.  

Rachel Atkins is currently working on a PhD in palaeobotany, studying macroplant fossils from Naracoorte Caves. She has already published two papers on her work. Rhianna Power completed an Honours degree involving dating and sediment analysis of megafauna deposits in a cave at Naracoorte. She also is an author on a recent publication. 

The winners of this year's competition were announced by University Librarian Siân Woolcock at the Festival of Learning and Teaching, held in October.

You can view all of this year submissions in the online submissions showcase or on Level 4 of the Hub until 13 November 2023. Voting is also still open for the People's Choice Award. Let us know your favourite - the winner will receive $250!

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Liz Reed

First Prize: Dr Liz Reed, The thrill of discovery

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Mandi Carr 2023

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Richard McInnes 2023

Highly commended award: Richard McInnes, Unscripted

Valerie Yung 2023

Student award: Valerie Yung, Why I leave for uni at 8am and come back after 9pm

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