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Take a break during Swot Vac/Exams

Virtual Escape @ Library

Unwind during swot vac and exams with our VirtualEscape@Library guide! We've compiled a ton of fun stuff to do when you to have a little time to relax or recover from exams.

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Take a break from study

Virtual Escape @ Library

Need a break over the next couple of weeks? We've put together a range of activities and resources to help you de-stress during the swot vac and exams period.

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Extended opening hours

Studying in the library

Starting Monday 15 June, and continuing for remainder of the Swot Vac/Exams period, the Barr Smith Library will have extended opening hours.

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Take a break with Distraction In/Action!

Exams are here and we’re helping you study by giving you a place to relax. This semester's Distraction In/Action program is running from Monday 4 November to Friday 22 November. Along with the usual dog visits, free tea and coffee, lollies, earplugs, games/puzzles, and crafts/colouring in, this time around we also have FREE massages!

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Take a study break!

It's that time of year again, and our Distraction In/Action program will be returning to all campus libraries from Monday 17 June, just in time for the Swot Vac/Exams period!

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Take a quick break with Distraction In/Action!

It's that time of year again and the library is here to help make your study experience as stress-free as possible. During the Swot Vac and Exam period we will have free lollies, earplugs, puzzles, and board games at all of our libraries!

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Distraction In/Action starting today

Fireplace on TV in DIA area

Distraction in/action, our Swot Vac/exams period program, is commencing today!

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