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March 2015
3 Mar Research challenges popular theory on origin of languages
3 Mar Memorial service pays tribute to body donors
4 Mar Research uncovers basis for cadmium toxicity
4 Mar Why we couldn't predict or understand the GFC
5 Mar Striking images portray views of justice
6 Mar New approaches required to lower cholesterol
10 Mar Growth and cycles in Australia's wine industry
11 Mar End of life care alters medical student attitudes to practice
12 Mar Young offenders' behaviour points to more complex needs
13 Mar UK academic to head student learning at Uni of Adelaide
13 Mar National flu surveillance network remains vigilant
16 Mar Endurance sport causes strain in right side of the heart
17 Mar 10% weight loss provides long-term cardiac benefit
18 Mar Migrant dentists contribute to brain drain
20 Mar Healthy grain fibre helps barley resist pests
20 Mar Director Announced for Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics
23 Mar How do we improve psychology services for all Australians?
24 Mar Acid poses rapid risk to wine tasters' teeth
25 Mar Walking after meals could save older people from a fall
26 Mar Coorong fish hedge their bets for survival
26 Mar Adelaide health researchers named fellows of new Academy
27 Mar Cost of lifestyle advice during pregnancy is worth it
27 Mar Barley research expected to help beer brew better
30 Mar Can children with egg allergy tolerate pasteurised raw egg?
30 Mar Uni of Adelaide young achievers win awards
30 Mar SA health research centre amongst the world's best
31 Mar How do accents impact customer service?
June 2015
1 Jun Flu surveillance: we're in for an early and severe season
1 Jun OZ Minerals and University of Adelaide sign research alliance
2 Jun Genetic causes of cerebral palsy trump birth causes
3 Jun Green energy storage project awarded to Uni of Adelaide
4 Jun Why long-term housing affordability is a slippery issue
4 Jun Scholarship recipient takes to the skies
6 Jun Can "smartboards" make high school students smarter?
9 Jun Queen's Birthday honours awarded for outstanding contributions
10 Jun Robot eyes will benefit from insect vision
10 Jun Barley study may produce longer lasting 'super' pita
11 Jun SA needs to look beyond wind for its clean energy
12 Jun Men's Health Week: outsmarting advanced prostate cancer
15 Jun IVF invention bringing new hope to families
15 Jun Audit of sex and gender identity discrimination in laws
16 Jun Improving the efficiency of solar energy cells
17 Jun Can Australia become a low-carbon energy superpower?
17 Jun Data bank launched for global access to ancient DNA
18 Jun New study: panic attacks can lead to heart disease
19 Jun Half a million downloads of free Uni of Adelaide books
22 Jun New wine industry software could "help feed the world"
23 Jun Early death twice as likely for disadvantaged Australians
24 Jun Foster care experiences need to be told
29 Jun Creative students take a bite out of China
30 Jun Earthquake not to blame for Indonesian mud volcano
30 Jun How squabbling genes affect our biology: public lecture
30 Jun Major reforms needed to cut electricity and gas costs
July 2015
1 Jul Warts and all: how St John's Wort can make you sick
2 Jul New research collaboration set to aid drug discovery
3 Jul Heightened state of uncertainty for SA, national economies
3 Jul Supercharging stem cells to create new therapies
6 Jul Research breakthrough to treat girls-only epilepsy
7 Jul Optical 'dog's nose' may hold key to breath analysis
7 Jul $3.1 million for nine new industry-linked projects
9 Jul Treating breast cancer with progesterone could aid survival
9 Jul CSI: new product for identifying burn victims
10 Jul Researchers isolate the culprit in preterm birth
13 Jul Making the most out of wine waste product
14 Jul Audition in Kuala Lumpur to study music at the Uni of Adelaide
15 Jul You need this hole in the head ─ to be smart
16 Jul Better DNA hair analysis for catching criminals
16 Jul New era for music education at Uni of Adelaide
17 Jul Law students travel north for Winter School
20 Jul Designer eucalypts destined for overseas market
20 Jul Forensic science and legal teams join forces on evidence
21 Jul Dental patients to win through 30-year agreement
21 Jul Language revival must consider social and mental health issues
22 Jul Little things make a big difference for small retailers
23 Jul Researchers can now study materials at atomic level
24 Jul Mammoths killed by abrupt climate change
24 Jul Genomics research to benefit wine and biodiversity
28 Jul Bright young researchers win Tall Poppy awards
29 Jul 45 years of work finally pays off for Uni of Adelaide geneticists
29 Jul Stressed out plants send animal-like signals
30 Jul Uni of Adelaide research named among the top ten for 2014
31 Jul Researchers uncover key to barley domestication
31 Jul New study: How happy are Aussies to eat insects?