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February 2014
3 Feb Advances in cholesterol-lowering drugs within five years
3 Feb Studying sea snakes for underwater robot design
4 Feb Stopping liver failure from painkiller overdose
5 Feb Using nanotechnology to protect grain exports
6 Feb Good news from survey on superbugs in animals
7 Feb Unified legal process needed for IVF with dead men's sperm
10 Feb Fires have wiped out native South Australian birds
10 Feb University of Adelaide joins in the festivities of Mad March
11 Feb How accurate is child mental health screening at four years?
12 Feb Higher rate of hypothermia deaths in SA than in Sweden
12 Feb Free public seminar: improving treatment of prostate cancer
13 Feb Grape seed promise in fight against bowel cancer
13 Feb New leadership role to take Roseworthy campus forward
14 Feb Pregnancy study leads to fewer high birth weight babies
14 Feb New Colombo Plan success for study in Japan
17 Feb University research: Does your dog love you?
17 Feb Sea snake at risk of being lost in hybrid swarm
18 Feb Fighting killer diseases among $9.9m health grants
19 Feb Dreams, deja vu and delusions caused by faulty "reality testing"
20 Feb Targeting cancer at the nanoscale
21 Feb Reviving German language in the Barossa Valley
24 Feb In-cell TVs reduce self-harm in Aboriginal prisoners
24 Feb Herbal medicines warning: unregistered and unreliable
24 Feb University of Adelaide awards $1.5 million in scholarships
25 Feb Study: Do you and your horse both have asthma?
27 Feb New tool to unlock genetics of grape-growing
28 Feb Lend Lease to build new Uni of Adelaide Medical/Nursing School
May 2014
1 May Chinese partnership for agriculture and health
1 May Adelaide Language Festival celebrates diversity
2 May Measuring vegetation status by photography
2 May University of Adelaide backs Fair Trade Fortnight
4 May Taking omega-3 supplements during pregnancy does not make children smarter
7 May Two of SA's finest orchestras in collaboration
7 May Getting to the meat of animal welfare issues
8 May Detecting trace amounts of explosives with light
8 May Lead exposure only part of the story for Port Pirie kids
9 May More action to prevent Indigenous deaths in custody
9 May The Braggs takes out top development award
12 May $206m Medical & Nursing School building final size approved
12 May Waite legacy captured in new social history
13 May Pyne's university revolution the greatest change in 30 years
15 May Bread bag clips can pose serious problem if swallowed
15 May 140 treasures for 140 years of University history
16 May Protecting buildings from bomb attack
16 May The University of Adelaide thanks its 2000 volunteers
19 May Construction sector could be a safety net for many auto workers
20 May Grandparents need to negotiate on child care
21 May $2.5m project to speed up species identification
22 May How healthy is that puppy on the website?
23 May Ancient DNA ends Aussie claim to kiwi origins
23 May Poor diet before pregnancy is linked with preterm birth
26 May Deli meats show signs of poor hygiene
26 May Uni of Adelaide renews commitment to Reconciliation
28 May Why are girl babies winning in the battle for survival?
28 May Call to ban trade on iconic Nautilus seashell
29 May Most Baby Boomers have no intention of retiring
30 May Leading the way on medical research in South Australia
August 2014
1 Aug Shrinking dinosaurs evolved into flying birds
1 Aug Can selective logging maintain forest biodiversity?
4 Aug Phases of clinical depression could affect treatment
5 Aug Warning to parents on high acidity drinks
6 Aug Research to help prevent quad bike accidents
6 Aug National Wine Centre wins prestigious awards
7 Aug Part of the brain stays "youthful" into older age
7 Aug 140 influential books for 140 years of Uni history
9 Aug Professor Tony Thomas is SA Scientist of the Year
11 Aug Open Day still draws in the crowds
12 Aug Breaking new ground for $206m Medical and Nursing building
13 Aug Treatment does not prevent pre-eclampsia, pregnancy loss
13 Aug Uni of Adelaide among best in nation for research and student-staff ratio
14 Aug Celebrating the value of science
14 Aug Flexible entry for engineering studies
15 Aug Message to parents: babies don't "start from scratch"
15 Aug Bringing emergency communications together
15 Aug Top 200 for Adelaide Uni in prestigious international rankings
18 Aug Resistant bacteria on the rise across Australia
18 Aug University of Adelaide Festival celebrates the music of Bach
19 Aug Pain treatments less effective for those with irritable bowel
20 Aug Program for budding entrepreneurs launched today
21 Aug Research into building blocks of conception earns award
21 Aug World-first conference on indigenous oral health
22 Aug New Laureate Fellow to map genetic human history
22 Aug On the hunt for dark matter in Adelaide
25 Aug Quality childcare leads to benefits at school age
26 Aug Critical time for once-in-a-lifetime higher education reform
27 Aug Piglet weaning age no bar to litter frequency
28 Aug How does your wine make you feel?
29 Aug Intervention needed for survivors of childhood burns
29 Aug Students show their skills at Royal Show
October 2014
1 Oct Virulence of killer bacteria "like roll of a dice"
1 Oct Predicting the future course of psychotic illness
2 Oct Uni of Adelaide scores international rankings hat-trick
3 Oct Mental illness linked to extreme risk of homelessness
4 Oct Health gap for disadvantaged people "disturbing"
7 Oct One million Asian children living with blindness
8 Oct Better prediction of mine and other collapse
8 Oct Uni of Adelaide appoints new head for Singapore operations
9 Oct Uni of Adelaide maths student is 2015 Rhodes Scholar
9 Oct More research needed on benefits of psychedelic drugs
13 Oct Diet and exercise during pregnancy has hidden benefits
14 Oct Timing is key for traumatic brain injury treatment
15 Oct Ancient fossils confirmed among our strangest cousins
16 Oct Are the days of fighting over Murray water finished?
16 Oct Bridging the knowledge gap on bone diseases
17 Oct Improving care for intoxicated women assault victims
17 Oct Stellar health funding result for Uni of Adelaide
20 Oct Why has Halloween infiltrated Australian culture?
21 Oct New methods to calculate risk of floods
21 Oct Cereals researcher elected to Australian Academy
22 Oct Early intervention could boost education levels
23 Oct Right environment could improve stem cell therapies
23 Oct Improving care for babies at risk
23 Oct Showcasing technology ingenuity of the future
24 Oct Cyber security: humans are largely the problem
27 Oct Just 30 minutes of exercise has benefits for the brain
28 Oct Reducing population is no environmental 'quick fix'
28 Oct Myth busted: family financing is anything but foolish
29 Oct Time spent in childcare centres linked with poor behaviour
30 Oct Smoking rates high among people with psychotic illness
31 Oct New step towards eradication of H5N1 bird flu
November 2014
3 Nov Helping Pacific islanders eat more "greens"
3 Nov International students recognised by Governor
3 Nov Singapore conference highlights global health needs
4 Nov Low-level toxin in drinking water can alter stem cells
5 Nov $15 million for new Uni of Adelaide research
5 Nov Excellence recognised in Endeavour awards
6 Nov GP guidelines needed for chronic pain treatment
7 Nov Understanding the impact of parents' mental illness
10 Nov Sustainable development boost for Spencer Gulf
10 Nov Equal care, survival rates for country cancer patients
10 Nov Uni of Adelaide alumnus appointed to International Court of Justice
11 Nov Controversial medication has benefits for breastfeeding
12 Nov Wine marketing via Facebook is a laughing matter
12 Nov Uni of Adelaide appoints former Governor as 16th Chancellor
13 Nov Research aims to stop the rise of childhood diabetes
13 Nov Health researcher is Young Australian of the Year for SA
14 Nov Solar trading scheme takes out the Australian eChallenge
14 Nov Wearable antennas for remote monitoring
17 Nov Women's fertility linked to detox element in diet
18 Nov Going home on time can benefit workers' health
18 Nov Peking Duk heads Uni of Adelaide Open Night band line up
19 Nov New book celebrates Australian women Army doctors
20 Nov Elite athletes under stress to lose weight
21 Nov $38m centre: new tools for 'seeing' into the body
21 Nov New model of follow up for breast cancer patients
24 Nov How can we help patients overcome MRI anxiety?
24 Nov $3.25m to develop a novel way to detect and monitor aggressive prostate cancer
25 Nov Bacterial toxin targets discovered
25 Nov Research shows SA koalas with high disease
26 Nov Men have twice the death rate from hip fractures
26 Nov Better forecasts for sea ice under climate change
26 Nov Monash Scholars aim to make a difference in health
27 Nov "Body recognition" compares with fingerprint ID