CaRST Program Overview

CaRST comprises the development component of the structured program. Participation extends from enrolment to thesis submission and is compulsory for all PhD and Master of Philosophy students.

There is no set curriculum with CaRST, rather, the program of professional development is designed by you to meet your unique career goals and training needs. However, at minimum, PhD students must complete 120 hours of CaRST activities and Master of Philosophy students 60 hours, prior to thesis submission.

Other HDRs are also encouraged to participate in training and development opportunities on a voluntary basis, however, their participation will not be formally recognised or assessed by CaRST.


The CaRST process is informed by an iterative process of reflection and planning.

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The CaRST Online platform makes it easy to track your progress with CaRST.

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CaRST activities are mapped to the domains of the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF).

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CaRST credit can be earned through completion of various training, experiential, commercialisation and engagement activities.



The CaRST Handbook includes everything you need to know about how to engage with the CaRST program.

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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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