The CaRST Online platform makes it easy to track your progress with CaRST, achieve the skills and results you want from your graduate program and for your future career, and ensure you are meeting the CaRST requirements of your degree.

Visit the CaRST Online website

CaRST Online includes:

  • A modern course booking platform;
  • Dashboard display of CaRST credits and activities;
  • A skills assessment to see your Top 5 Skills and Priorities and find suggested courses;
  • Development planning tools to create career plans and track development goals;
  • A summary of your overall progress to print for submission at formal milestone reviews.

For more information

For help with CaRST online, please see the quick references guides below or click on the 'Help' tab in CaRST Online:

More information on the Skills Assessment and Development Plan required for your CCSP review:

A requirement of your CCSP is to complete your Skills Assessment and Development Plan. This will help you to define your current skills and the skills you would like to work on in order to achieve your immediate and future goals. This is not set in stone, this tool is here to help you work better toward your goals and can be edited during your Phd/Master journey. For more information, please refer to the How to complete your Skills Assessment and How to complete your Development Plan quick reference guides. Please see the example of Progress summary here

If you have a technical question or issue with CaRST Online, please contact Research Technology Support on +61 8 8313 7799 or