Getting Started

Congratulations and welcome to your new life as a graduate research student at the University of Adelaide.

  • Complete your enrolment

    Online enrolment

    View full size workflow image.

    Download a PDF of the below online enrolment workflow.

    Online enrolment form workflow


    When required to enrol, the student will receive an email requesting that they first activate their
    University account, and then login to the online enrolment form (the URL will be provided in this
    email). Within the form, the student will be presented with links to activate their University email
    account and complete contact and statistical information within MyAdelaide. They will then
    need to confirm their Principal Supervisor, at which point they can complete the remaining sections
    of the form and submit.

    From here the form will progress through the workflow roles per the diagram above, with each role
    receiving an automatic system generated email to let them know when a form requires their
    attention. When the form has been processed by the Adelaide Graduate Research School, an email confirming
    enrolment will be sent to the student, the supervisory panel and all users involved in the approval

    Comprehensive help guides are available within the system to guide each user role through the form
    process. If you have any further questions, please contact

  • Your first week

    This is a time to complete the administrative parts of your enrolment and start exploring the University of Adelaide.

    1. Collect your student card from Ask Adelaide. Remember to smile!
    2. Meet with your principal supervisor – this will be the first of many meetings
    3. Find and set up your desk/workspace and meet other research students and University staff in your area  
    4. Start exploring your campus. You might need a campus map.
  • Your first 1-2 months

    Now that you are enrolled and have started to explore your new workspace it is time to get started:

    1. Complete your first milestone - Online induction
    2. Participate in your School/Discipline induction into your new local area environment and procedures
    3. Meet your postgraduate coordinator
    4. Attend welcome and orientation events. You are likely to be invited to events run by your School, Faculty, the Adelaide Graduate Research School, International Student Support and others. Not only are these events a great way to learn more about the University you will also get to meet other research students and staff who will support you on your journey
    5. Make yourself aware of the support services for all students
    6. Check out the CaRST Handbook which outlines the vast development opportunities available to you and start considering what courses you will attend
    7. Find out about opportunities to expand and enhance your research such as:
      1. Scholarships, including travel scholarships
      2. Joint Award PhDs
      3. Industry opportunities such as internships
    8. Read the Research Student Handbook
    9. Read the AGRS News email newsletter. Emailed to all students monthly it is a great source of information on new initiatives, reminders on policies and procedures and lists opportunities, including scholarships, which can enhance your time as a research student
    10. Start your research!
  • Resources for the life of your degree


    Your relationship with your principal supervisor is important to the success of your research. In one of your first meetings it is recommended that you review the expectations in supervision together to ensure that you both agree how you will be working together. As your research and expertise as a researcher evolves it can be helpful to revisit the scale to ensure that you continue working as a team towards submission of your thesis.

    You will normally have at least 2, and up to 3 supervisors. Your principal supervisor will normally be from within your school. You ensure you have a range of experts to help you with your research you can also have a co-supervisor from within the University and/or an external supervisor who may be from a different university, a research institute or an industry partner.

    The Research Student Handbook outlines the responsibilities of supervisors in Appendix 2.

    Postgraduate coordinators

    Your postgraduate coordinator is a senior academic appointed by your head of school to oversee the progress and work of graduate research students. They will normally have the responsibility of chairing progress review committees, are a good source of information on research practice and career options, and can be someone to discuss issues with if you don’t feel you can approach your supervisor. The Research Student Handbook outlines the responsibilities of postgraduate coordinators in Appendix 2.

    The Adelaide Graduate Research School maintains a list of current postgraduate coordinators.